The Charm – Chapter 28


Traci hears the Charm inside her head as clear tinkling bells. The chimes get in the way of her thoughts and make her sleepy. Jemma’s voice harps at her, saying ridiculous things. The Charm isn’t harmful, it wants…it wants to help her? No, maybe there was something else. It wants…it is looking at her baby!

She touches the Charm dweller’s black mind and they both see the tiny speck growing in her womb, radiating life force. A greedy spark flares in the beast.

That’s what it wants! No, no that, no…wait…what was…? Oh yes, she won’t take the Charm off. Jemma is just jealous. She wants it back. Well she can’t have it. It is hers now.

The Charm suckles at her spirit and sings its soothing song of forgetfulness.

Jemma watches Traci’s rapidly changing face as terror, sadness, and then dislike ripples across her features like reflections on glass. Her own possession must have been similar. Traci would have no idea what is going on so Jemma stops wasting time trying to convince her.

She worries about her safety after the Charm’s resident replenishes itself.

Traci tucks the Charm beneath her shirt possessively.

“Is it getting hot, Traci?”

“Not really. I feel really tired.”

She yawns loudly and falls to the ground. The Charm’s isn’t taking Traci’s energy in sips. It gulps.

Jemma groans in anguish. Carrying Traci in her weary state would be difficult enough, but she knew accidently touching the Charm would kill her. She takes a deep breath and wonders how someone is supposed to communicate with a magical creature.

A half-baked idea is better than none. The rusty knife near the fireplace will be useful. She retrieves it then returns to stand over Traci, all the while heavily shielding her thoughts by reciting her credit card number over and over again. Leaning down she slaps Traci hard across the face. Beneath Traci shirt the Charm glows in alarm, distracted it from its meal by an undetected threat. The glow fades when no further harm is forthcoming. It returns to glutting itself.

Jemma holds her thought still and slaps Traci harder. The glint of fiery outrage flares hotter beneath Traci’s shirt. This second unexpected interruption causes it to rise up higher in Traci consciousness. Jemma carefully holds the knife blade against Traci’s throat, making sure she stays clear of the glowing Charm.

Traci’s eyelids open to reveal blood-red eyes that don’t belong there. Her face hardens and the harsh, grating voice that spits from her lips comes from something old and confident.

I could destroy you.

“You would have done it already. You’re too weak.”

Truly, I must harbour my strength. You can retain your life for now. I know you very well, pure one. You will not harm your friend,” it sniggered.

“Just a demonstration to get your attention. You’re not so powerful a girl with a rusty knife can’t sneak up on you.”

Jemma links with the Charm beast’s consciousness when it brushes the surface of her mind. She follows a rushing arrow sent into the night but it escapes her.

“You did something just then. It felt bad.”

You speak true; I call for the two males who run this way. I took much energy from their minds. They are shells with one goal. Their dark heart’s desire your pain. They will slay you, then each other and I will feeeeeeed.

“Oh, you really are stupid. You sent them insane? Do you feed on death?”

I feed on lifffffffe.” The beast is insulted.

“They’ll kill Traci too. You’ve drained her. She’s defenceless. If she dies, you die, you selfish bastard. Stop them!”

I cannot. Calling them weakened me. I am not ready.

It is alarmed that its plan has backfired but unwilling to admit to any mistake.

“Then I must help you.”

Jemma clamps down on her thought again, brushing the presence probing for her intentions.

How do you shun me? What are these symbols that cloud your mind? Why should I trust you?

“You don’t have to trust me. I want to save my friend. If that means helping you too, I will.”

Jemma waits. The beast boils in hate and doubt, confused by the numbers racing around her head. In the end it decides it has no choice.

“This mind sustains me, though it is not as clever as yours. Perhaps my trade was hasty.”

“Save your excuses. At least give Traci enough energy to wake up and walk. I’ll get us out of here.”

“Hear me well. Trickery will bring the death of this inferior one’s New Life. It will be tasty. Then, when I am finished, I will twist that strong mind of yours like a sponge and drink from your delicious virgin soul. You will beg for death.

Those words burn between them. Jemma hides the shudder that runs along her spine.

“Don’t touch her baby, you piece of shit!”

The beast withdraws, cackling at her anger. Slowly Traci’s tense face muscles loosen and her eyes turn blue once more.

“What did you say about my baby, Jemma?”

“Nothing Traci. Get up, we have to go.”

(Chapter 29)

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